Salsa and DanceSport

Below is an excerpt of an article from “Edie The Salsa Freak” on Albert Torres competition in Las Vegas, December 2005.  What caught my attention particularly was her attempt to polarize the Salsa and DanceSport Worlds.  I really believe her statement was really irresponsible coming from such a well known figure in the Salsa World.  Many of us including the WSF are trying to bring these two worlds together so that each will experience the best of both kinds of dancing.  Since Salsa exploded on the scene over 15 years ago, many changes in styles have evolved including borrowing techniques, style, and patterns from the DanceSport World.  DanceSport has benefited as well as it has incorporated turn patterns and tricks from the Salsa World.  The World Salsa Federation at its World Championships, also holds a DanceSport competition.  The WSF is one of the few organizations who really believes in Unity through dance, not just says it.  The WSF event “Best In The Midwest” Salsa Festival will bring both Worlds together,  as well as our 2006 World Championships.  Edie and people like herself are not the models we should follow as their personal prejudices get into the way.

Edie’s Personal Thoughts…
Cut the Fake and Stiff Left Arm While Walking Onstage.
I know this was an event for television, but the way the girls came out on the dance floor looked too much like a Ballroom competition. Their left arms pointed out looked too fake, and too stiff. Instead of Salseras trying to “copy” what the ballroom dancers do, we should come out with our own Salsa Style of walking out the dance floor. After speaking to a few social dancers each night after the competition, many were taken aback by this type of presentation. I personally would have liked to see a less stiff, more relaxed flowing movement of the hands; a more flowing, stylish, comfortable caress in the air, in and out, softly brushing the hip, up and out, with beautiful arm and finger styling. Why not let the ballroom women take a look at how “We Salseras” grace the stage prior to performing, and
have THEM copy US for a change.

Isaac Altman
CEO of the WSF



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