Judging Salsa

December 24, 2006

I would like to address Judging, as this subject can be very controversial. The WSF uses the skating system for judging which is the same used in the Olympics. This has been proven to be the most fair system for subjective judging. Those competitions that use any kind of “audience applause” as part of their judging scoring, are cheating the hard work and practice that competition dancers go through not couting the amount of money they invest traveling to competitions. You can see the results of such a scoring system at this years “Dancing With The Stars” on ABC. Clearly the better dancer was Mario, but the audience chose Emmit. Another faulty scoring system for subjective judging is throwing out the top and bottom scores. What judge wants their score thrown out? Every score should count. It is a false belief that this will give a fairer score. The WSF has one of the strictest and most comprehensive judging system for Salsa and it would be well advised for those Organizations and Promoters to take a good look at theirs before something controversial hits the internet.
Isaac Altman
CEO of the WSF

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